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The Holy King

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"Now there is no way, this person we all look down on him, he is actually a peerless hero, and the strength of the rapid progress.". After a period of time, I am afraid that no one can stop him below the legend. If he continues to grow like this in three years and five years, I am afraid that one day he will be able to stand side by side with the prince. We can't fight him for the time being, so it's important to protect our own lives. Jiang Fan also had no way, but he thought about it and gnashed his teeth again: "If it weren't for Song Haishan, the beast, we might not be able to reach this miserable situation today.". He deserves to die, and so does Yun Hailan! These people transferred their grievances to Song Haishan and Yun Hailan. Chapter 122 going home. A big storm was resolved by Yang Qi with ruthless means. He also understood that in this world, only ruthless can live, otherwise you show weakness, the enemy will feel that you are weak and can be bullied, forcing you to a dead end. He quietly returned to Tianwei College. This time, they discussed with Jiang Fan and others that ten days later they returned to Tianwei College, saying that they had broken into a demon's lair. Huang Hong, Song Haishan and Gu Fen Xian were killed by the demon, and they escaped with injuries all over their bodies. Yang Qi does know that these people will certainly have a set of seamless means of planting evidence, do not know which demon will be unlucky. At least now, everything has nothing to do with themselves. He has been practicing in the Academy, and the gratitude and resentment of the princelings, ups and downs, are not contaminated on him. I don't know what would happen if Yun Hailan came out of the customs and heard the news that Song Haishan was dead? Probably will suspect to my body,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, this woman's scheming is unusual. Song Haishan died, for her, but also a person who lost the value of use, it does not matter, this woman is all for their own interests, will not have pity on anyone. Yang Qi deeply knows who Yun Hailan is. Yun Hailan is getting stronger. I may be stronger than her now, but there is a prince behind him. If I want to slay this woman, sooner or later,stainless steel shower tray, I will fight with the prince. Yang Qi was thinking in his heart. When he came back, he sat up in his castle and looked at the huge array of kingcraft on the roof: "If you fight against the mysterious prince, this is absolutely not enough.". I want to be stronger, stronger, and kill again and again, and break through again and again. In order to finally defeat the prince. He did such a big thing today, and it was hard for him to calm down. However, after he thought about it, he completely calmed down. "On the family side, my father will probably be promoted to the point of death. I will go back sometime to help my father, eldest brother and second brother to be promoted. And I have to plan again during this period of time, how to become stronger?"? Now I want to be strong, the only way is to kill all kinds of monsters, devour their demon cores, and refine them with the hell furnace. Sitting upright, in Yang Qi's hand, the heart of the ocean opened again, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, quickly absorbing the underground milk spirit. Re-condense into the kingcraft air array. He decided to go home and take a look, and bring Wang Dao Qi Zhen back to his family to help his family's disciples practice. At the same time, he helped his father break through to the place of death. Moreover, he decided to go into the Black Corpse Mountains to practice. In the depths of the Black Corpse Mountains, there are tombs, in which many thousand-year-old corpse kings are entrenched, and there are even passages in other dimensions in the depths. There are many monsters, and the demon core can also be refined. A large number of refined demon cores enable him to be promoted quickly. Get rid of some monsters in the Black Corpse Mountains, which can also make the capital of Yan and the area of his hometown more peaceful, and the common people are not attacked by monsters. By the way, he also wants to go to the cloud sea city. Doesn't Yun Hailan want to threaten his family? Then he will fight tooth for tooth, eye for eye, and also threaten Yun Hailan's family. Practicing here for three days and three nights, countless milk vitality was forcibly pumped into the heart of the ocean ring by him with the strength of the God's image. Yang Qi now for the promotion of cultivation, has reached three times to kill, master the vitality than the first time to kill do not know how many times more pure, Wang Dao gas array also used to have a superb feeling. These three days and three nights of practice also made his understanding of Qigong and his understanding of the realm go up to a higher level.
The power to kill three times, completely mastered, reached the peak. The next step is to attack four times to kill. The source of the demon core power that Jiao Wufeng had killed five times was all refined, making his body unimaginably tough, and every drop of blood seeped out was platinum color, and the flame was burning, containing the sacred flame of glory. Yang Qi's body, gradually, is no longer human, but gods, gods, do not belong to the world. The spear of the God of the underworld, the guardian armor of the God of the underworld, the wing of the demon, the furnace of hell, the seal of gods and demons, and the five forms of True Qi, he is now running at will, superb, perfect, and absolutely no hindrance. Such a strong self makes Yang Qi's heart surge with unparalleled self-confidence. I am confident that I can win the tournament of the four colleges, become a rising star, and get more benefits. That night, when he was ready, he whispered to his brothers and told them to settle down recently. Quietly in the elite Academy, waiting for their return. When Li He heard that Yang Qi was going home, they all agreed. They were now all in the ascendant, in very different positions, and had become candidates for the head of the family. In addition, their families have been rewarded by the Emperor Shengzu, all of them are satisfied, the family is prosperous, and now it is in a state of prosperity. Brother, you go home to manage well, settle the family, so that we can let go. Before long,Self-closing Faucet, it will be the tournament of the four colleges. Every tournament will have generous rewards and rewards. The best will be the key cultivation of the college, and some predecessors will also take a fancy to the best and accept them as apprentices. Let's do well and have a bright future. If you get the favor of a legendary master, the prince will not do anything to us brazenly. Li He bid farewell to Yang Qi. cnkexin.com


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