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108 ways to flirt with the president

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When he came back the next morning, Zhou Tianyi had already woken up and was leaning against the head of the bed, gazing tenderly at Shang Yehua peeling an apple. He peeled the apple very carefully, but even so, he could not cover up his rotten apple peeling technique. Every time he peeled it twice, he broke off a piece of skin. An apple was already full of holes when it was peeled off. He dismembered it with a random knife and inserted a toothpick. He picked up the plate containing the apple and shook it around in front of Zhou Tianyi: "Do you want to eat?" Frankly speaking, this apple is quite unappetizing, not only the size is not the same, but also because it has been cut for too long, the position near the side of the skin has been oxidized and blackened, which makes people lose their appetite. However, Zhou Tianyi looked at Shang Yehua gently: "Yes." "Call your husband if you want to eat." “……” Zhou Tianyi couldn't help laughing, "I don't know who cried with tears and snot and said he would like to marry me and be my wife?" "Yes," Shang Ye Hua Pi looked at him with a smile, "I said, but I said the next life, now is the next life? On the other hand, you know you can't die, but you still pretend to be about to blow the lamp and pull out the wax, apologizing and sensationalizing, deliberately trying to deceive my tears and see my jokes? “……” He really didn't mean it. After many years, he did not know whether the original retrospective was accidental or inevitable, and whether he could be so lucky to survive again. He was really afraid,Time Delay Tap, afraid of not having time to tell him the words hidden in his heart, afraid of leaving with those regrets and misunderstandings. At that time, he had guessed that he was not a man. Whether he is a game NPC or a novel protagonist, then. Once he dies, the task object of the system is gone, Shang Yehua should be able to walk out safely. At that time, everything that happened in this animation was just a real dream for Shang Yehua. But even if it is a dream, he also hopes that this dream has a more "perfect" ending,Flushometer valve, hoping that Shang Yehua can occasionally think of him when he dreams back at midnight. Think of another world, there is a man, once so love him. However, with the passage of time, the state of mind at that time has been out of the question, besides, he did not want Shang Yehua to be sad again. Zhou Tianyi was silent for a moment, frowned slightly and covered his chest: "Ah, it hurts so much." He looked longingly at the apple and said, "I'm hungry, too." “……” What's wrong with a man who acts like a spoiled child when he has nothing to do? Shang Yehua felt numb all over because of his coquetry. He almost threw away his armor. He picked up a piece of apple and said with a straight face, "Call your husband. Call your husband and I'll give you something to eat." “……” Really, obviously is a lovely little Ao Jiao, but also always want to do what husband. However For the sake of peeling the apple for him early in the morning, let him take advantage of it verbally. Zhou Tianyi: Husband. "Hey, really good, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet China," Shang Yehua put the apple of the toothpick to Zhou Tianyi's mouth, "come on, lick it, can't swallow it. The doctor says you can't eat yet. Yang Xiao stood in the doorway with an expressionless face, feeling that he was hit head-on by a ton of dog food, and wanted to retaliate against society very much. This day is the Chinese New Year's Eve festival of family reunion, the patients who can leave the hospital have gone through the formalities to go home for the New Year, the whole inpatient department is deserted, VIP ward is empty, only a few bodyguards guard at the stairway and elevator entrance. Yang Xiao brought breakfast over, and Shang Yehua sat on the small table beside the bed to eat, while eating a simple exchange of information, the smell of rice to Zhou Tianyi here, very inhumane. Hello! That's enough! Zhou Tianyi said angrily, "the wounded are still hungry. Do you have the nerve to eat here?" "I'm sorry," Shang Yehua wiped his mouth very insincerely. "I forgot. It won't happen again. Said to be a precedent, but Shang Yehua mouth almost did not stop all day, not to eat this or drink that, every time he had to deliberately shake two circles in front of Zhou Tianyi, as if afraid that he could not smell, and from time to time he had to kiss him, so that he could not taste. Zhou Tianyi wanted to swallow his little wild flowers in one mouthful.
Very easy to stay up until the evening ventilation, Shang Yehua went downstairs to the canteen to make a small bowl of red dates glutinous rice porridge, with a small spoon to feed him a mouthful. Rice porridge is cooked glutinous in a pressure cooker, and the jujube meat is also rotten in it. You can hardly taste the rice grains in one mouthful, only the fragrance of rice mixed with the sweetness of jujube, which slides into the stomach along the esophagus, and the whole person warms up in an instant. Outside the window, the sky gradually darkened, the lights of thousands of families lit up here, the sound of firecrackers came from the distance, fireworks blossomed and withered in the night sky, and the laughter of the Spring Festival Gala came from the TV. Zhou Tianyi finished a bowl of porridge, the stomach is much more comfortable, but pad a little porridge, but more hungry. Shang Yehua was in a good mood, went downstairs to the hospital canteen to borrow a pot, a big bag of frozen dumplings poured down, boiled into a pot of minced meat paste. Ah, "Zhou Tianyi ate a mouthful and wondered," what is this? Beef noodle soup? "Shut up," Shang Yehua filled his mouth with a spoonful of soup with a cold face. "It's good to have some at night. You're so picky that you're used to it! "Dumplings?" Zhou Tianyi finally realized what he had guessed and said with a smile, "did you cook it?" "Mmm." Shang Yehua filled another spoonful into his mouth. Yes, "Zhou Tianyi squinted for a moment, then stuck out his tongue and licked his lower lip, smiling," My little wild flower is delicious. " “……” His mouth is as sweet as honey, and I can't stand him. Shang Yehua stared at him with a straight face, but the corners of his mouth could not help hooking up. Chapter 51 the truth of rebirth. After feeding Zhou Tianyi a bowl, Shang Yehua took out all the dumpling slices and soup left in the pot and drank them. In the cold winter months, the old north wind is blowing outside the window,Time Delay Tap, but the house is warm, the stomach is warm, and the heart is warm. cnkexin.com


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